Korean Buddhist Dinners Tuesday Nights Beginning May 1, 2018

I’ve hosted Korean Buddhist Vegan dinners on again and off again for years mostly for customers who were already familiar with various Korean food customs. Shopping for ingredients, prepping, pickling, cooking, and serving a Korean Buddhist inspired meal is one thing, it’s a whole other thing to explain the intricacies and history.

Above all, I request that guests to my dinners respect time. Things take time. It takes time to learn. It takes time to understand a food culture or subculture. It’s not going to happen in one cooking class or one meal.

I also ask you to be not too reverential either. Buddhism, Buddhist foods, and Buddhists are alive in this world. They are not static, atemporal.

I’ve set May 1st, 2018 as the date of my first open to the public by reservation only Korean Buddhist Vegan dinner.

The menu will include soup, rice, and kimchi: the staple trinity of a Korean meal. There will be seasonal banchan, pickles, and meat “illusions”.

Carrot “tofu”, foraged green salad, pumpkin oil vinaigrette

Ancient grains, pickles made from foraged herbs and greens

Wild mushroom and lotus root stuff mandu (dumplings), perilla seed and wild herb broth

Eggplant wrap seaweed rice, chips, pickles

”Meat Illusion”- chestnuts, jujubes, burdock, dulse

Dessert and tea

Culminating in a meditative discussion

Dinners are $75

RSVP via email smokingkorean AT gmail Dot com