Reading Out Loud: The Korean Imagination Expressed in English


  • 1. Noun 상상력, 상상 
  • 2. Noun 가상, 착각 
  • 3. Noun 창의력

At this point, Korean novels are an important part of world literature. I think reading English language translations of Korean books will help native Korean speakers learn English. If you read about what you know and what you can relate to in English, then it will be easier for you to understand and speak English.

For my first two books, I chose Kim, Hyesoon’s “Autobiography of Death” and Kim Un-Su’s “The Plotters”. Join me on Clubhouse on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am (Korea time) or Friday afternoons at 4:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time PST).

I will also read from “The Rainy Spell and Other Korean Stories” translated by Suh, Ji-moon; “The Amusing Life” by Sokze, Song; and “The Story of Hong Gildong” (Korean classic). I tried to select books from different genres for a wide variety of language expression and experience. All of my selections are available for purchase online. I also suggest reading the original Korean language versions.

In the same vein, I ask Korean speakers to speak in English about topics they already know. I also speak in English on topics familiar to native Korean speakers.

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