Reading Out Loud: The Korean Imagination Expressed in English

IMAGINATION 1. Noun 상상력, 상상  2. Noun 가상, 착각  3. Noun 창의력 At this point, Korean novels are an important part of world literature. I think reading English language translations of Korean books will help native Korean speakers learn English. If you read about what you know and what you can relate to in English, then it will be easier for […]

English for Native Korean Speakers

YouTube Channel Koreatown Class Asian Americans for Housing and Environmental Justice for links to Susan Park’s public speaking, interviews, panel discussions, etc.. Gidra Podcast (Susan Park in conversation with community organizers) Conversation and speaking tips. I use Naver English to Korean dictionary Past, Present, and Future Tense Past 1. Adjective 지나간(시간상으로 과거에 해당하는)  2. Adjective (얼마 전인) 지난, 최근의  […]