Buddhism in South Korea and Korean-American Buddhists

The Buddhist population in South Korea is estimated to be between 15%-30%. About 20%- 30% are Christian, mostly Protestant. Others believe in various religions including shamanism and new religions. There is also a small minority of Muslims. South Korea has a plurality of religions that mostly co-exist in peace. It is not uncommon for Koreans to […]

Aesthetics and Taste: The Role of Pickles and Fermented Foods in a Korean Meal

Read my article about Korean food history in Greenwood Food Cultures of The World Encyclopedia here. I discuss the importance of pickling and fermenting for food security. Pickles and fermented foods also contribute to the aesthetics of the Korean table and unique flavors of Korean dishes. The Korean Peninsula has four distinct seasons. The Korean table […]

Korean Buddhist Vegan Cuisine: Feminine Kitchen

About Korean Buddhist Cooking By Susan Park Please note that veganism or vegetarianism are not synonymous with Buddhism in general. There are different schools or sects of Buddhism; each with their own guidelines. Being a vegan or vegetarian doesn’t make you good. Eating meat doesn’t make you bad. Please refrain from imposing Judeo-Christian morality onto […]

Iconic Neighborhood Restaurants: Historic South-Central

I originally wrote this piece for KCET in 2015. In 2003, L.A. City Council voted to rechristen South-Central Los Angeles — a sprawling 16-square-mile area approximately bordered by the 10 freeway to the north, Inglewood and Culver City to the west, Gardena to the south, and Alameda Street to the east — as South Los […]